Smart home Smart home in 2021.


In 2019, we have seen the explosion of manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Apple, Google, Philips Hue .. when continuously releasing high-quality Smarthome devices. They also continuously come up with strategies and many new products for the 2021 trend.

1. Simplify smart devices, towards DIY

If in the past, when it comes to Smart home, people often think of devices with expensive costs accompanied by high technical expertise. Now the manufacturers have changed completely. Products are now simpler, more elegant. Use only touch or voice to control. The design has also become smaller but still very sophisticated and modern. Especially the fact that Google Assistant supports Vietnamese.

* Smart speaker with built-in Google Assistant virtual assistant.

The trend of user-friendly interface is also considered the top criterion. Reduce complex operations. A simpler and smarter way to connect. It is forecasted that in the coming years, smart home devices will be integrated with AI to increase interaction with users.

Devices also become easy to connect and install. Most of them are geared towards using a simple wireless connection.

Similarly, Apple still maintains its criteria with Homekit: Simple, easy to use, built-in contexts, automation … In addition, you can also use more 3rd party applications to control. HomeKit devices.

2. Enhanced security and convenience for users.

Manufacturers all want to bring breakthrough products to Smart home in 2021. With the need to use technology for a lighter life. Customers are gradually giving preference to products with many automatic features. At the same time, the security issue of electronic devices is also paid much attention. They want their home to be able to protect itself.

With advancements in digital door locks, smart sensor cameras, motion sensors and smart video doorbells. The automation will start right at the front door. In 2020, smart sensor cameras along with other smart security devices like video doorbells. And smart locks will be able to detect anything unusual and stop theft faster than the police.
The combination of different accessories forms a full ecosystem including: Smart Lighting, Smart Security, Smart Air Conditioning, and Entertainment…

Users often tend to choose a certain manufacturer for their home. This both ensures information, habits, as well as expansion for later.

3. Save more and live green with the environment.

Savings aren’t just about installation costs, but also about your household’s daily energy. In the past, you often couldn’t control how much electricity you used in your home. Now this can be solved with smart sockets or switches. These sockets help you to turn on/off the device remotely. Eliminate worries about fire and explosion, wasting energy.

Likewise, smart switches help you control your light bulbs from your phone. Turns on/off as needed and can tell you how much power has been used.

Or like the lighting solution from Philips Hue. Usually when building a smart home, people often choose a smart switch solution. However, the solution of Philips Hue is to make smart bulbs.

Hue bulbs are a smart device and only need to be set up via the manufacturer’s app to be used. This makes installation and replacement simpler. You don’t have to be too technical to use these products. They are manufactured for civil use so it is very convenient for users. And smart bulbs will have more diverse functions than using switches.

4. Use smart home by voice.

One of the most popular virtual assistants in Vietnam is Google Assistant. For users who have used through smart home devices. Then the concept of virtual assistants will not be too strange. This is a powerful tool to help make the home smart and fully automatic. No more having to perform physical actions. As well as fully controlled with voice.
In addition to Google, you can also use it with Siri and Alexa. Google Assistant became popular because you can find it on every device. From mobile phones, to speakers, cameras and even Wifi transmitters…

5. Expand smart home devices.

Don’t just stop at Sockets, lighting, sensors. Manufacturers are gradually making everything smart in the Smart home. We can encounter new smart devices today such as: Smart refrigerators, smart robot vacuums, smart TVs, ovens, air purifiers … At the world’s largest technology exhibition CES we have You can see there are many smart devices taking care of your home.

Even L’Oreal and Olay were present at the show to showcase skin care technology that helps to remove wrinkleswrinkles, etc. That’s not to mention the burgeoning smart makeup mirror market that can tell you about the health of your skin. Show you what your makeup will look like before you do. Or just ask Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant for some tips and guidance in the mirror.

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