Solar energy for automatic barie system.

Solar energy is exploding all over the world and is used in many applications including the areas of access control and security. Equipment manufacturers such as auto barie are designing and building solar-powered solutions for long-term cost savings. This is indeed a smart idea.

Integrating your barium system with solar solutions is a great way to operate your equipment in the most efficient and economical way. It is useful when you install the barie in a place where the power supply is not stable.

In this article, we will discuss solar solutions that can work to be a reliable source of power for your fence system.

* What is solar solution?

By definition, a solar solution is a combination of software and hardware devices that work together to generate electricity to power the devices. They are ideal for places where electricity costs are high and where reliable uninterruptible power is not available. These solutions also help reduce carbon emissions and are very environmentally friendly.

The components of a solar solution vary by purpose and can be modified according to the complexity of the application. With the application of providing power to the barie gate, there are solutions to consider as follows:

* Battery .

The development of solar energy gave rise to another great invention: the battery. They work by receiving and storing excess energy from solar panels for future use when there is no sun or bad weather. They are safe, reliable and economical sources of energy.

Note: While installing solar batteries for your barium system, choose a location away from the potential for fire and explosion and conduct regular checks to make sure no chemicals or gases are leaking from battery and all wires are well connected.

* Photovoltaic panels .

Solar panels or solar cells are a group of photovoltaic cells arranged in a series. These cells are made from a semiconductor material that captures solar energy and converts it into electricity directly. Depending on cell type and performance, solar panels come in three types:

– Monocrystalline Solar – Black photovoltaic cells, best efficiency but high cost.
– Polycrystalline (Polycrystalline) – The photovoltaic cells are blue, efficient and affordable.
– Thin film (Thin-film) – Efficiency and relatively low cost.

Based on budget, location and power requirements, you can choose from one of the three to suit your project.

* Inverter technology (Inverter).

The inverter receives DC current from the solar panel and converts it into alternating current to power your barie system. Basically it has 4 types as follows:

– Off-grid inverter: Ideal for remote locations.
– Grid-tied inverter: Directly connected to the grid.
– Inverter backup battery: Store energy for future use.
– Inverter: modern and compact solution with high mobility.
In a word, inverter converts DC to AC to suit your AC motor baries.

Note: Off-grid inverters are ideal for powering barie gates in remote locations where electricity is not easily available. Make sure you buy products from a trusted brand and provide excellent service.

* Solar controller .

A solar controller regulates the current and voltage to the battery from the solar panels to prevent overcharging and overvoltage. It is installed to reduce potential safety risks and preserve battery life.

Based on configuration, features, complexity and cost, solar controllers come in two types: Pulse Width Modulation and peak power point tracking. To be safe when supplying solar power to the barie system, you should consider using a controller.

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