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Swimming alters brain activity.


    Swimming helps us relax very well, it allows more oxygen to enter the muscles and creates a forceful effect that helps you regulate your breathing. Besides, when swimming, you feel like you are in another world. You will feel the sunlight shining down on the extremely beautiful and peaceful blue water. No wonder swimming can put you in the ideal mental space.

* Brain responses to swimming.

Swimming is like a meditation exercise. Brain function is through a process known as hippocampal neurogenesis, where your brain replaces brain cells lost to stress.

A recent study by Dr Howard Carter of the University of Sports Science in Western Australia, showed that the brain responds during swimming. A team of scientists, led by Carter, hypothesized that immersing yourself in water, right atrium, would increase blood circulation in the brain. The right atrium is located on the top right side of the heart and is one of the four hollow chambers of the heart. The job of these two veins is to return oxygenated blood to different locations in the body; then return the blood to low oxygen. The coronary sinus is a smaller vein on the heart wall that also carries blood into the right atrium.

When the participants in the study swam in water, blood flow to their middle cerebral artery increased by 14%, and blood flow to the posterior cerebral artery also increased by 9%.

* Swimming also helps you improve mental health.

Helps you separate from the outside elements: Once you immerse yourself in the water, the outside sounds outside you will no longer be able to hear. The only thing you feel is the water touching your skin. Then you focus on your breath. Everything becomes peaceful when you are swimming and your mind is liberated.

It’s a great form of gentle exercise: As you glide through the water, your heart contracts more easily. It’s also great for your muscles and lungs without affecting your joints. Going to the pool a few times a week is a great way to exercise and boost your mood.

Release of endorphins: When you swim well, it helps to release an extremely good natural emotional compound called endorphins that have a positive effect on creating positive feelings, improving mood. Additionally, it can convert excess stress hormones to help relax muscles. New brain cell growth is enhanced, promoted as a result of stress relief.

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