Technological innovation in healthcare. ( P1 )


   Advances in the healthcare system not only make our lives easier, but also protect our health with advances in medical science.

Industry 4.0 is rapidly changing the daily lives of people around the world. New technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence and the internet of things (IoT) are having a huge impact on the healthcare industry. Technological advancements not only make our lives easier, but also protect our health with advances in medical science.

Technology is evolving faster than ever, and the healthcare industry is going to make breakthrough strides in the next few years. The digital health market is estimated to reach US$206 billion by 2020. Healthcare companies worldwide define their growth path with digital transformations. Here are 5 tech innovations that will impact the healthcare industry in 2020. Get ready to stay ahead of these tech trends.

* Application of artificial intelligence (AI).

Many healthcare companies have started to apply artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience and streamline their business. AI applications have improved the speed and accuracy of the diagnostic process. In the US, the FDA has approved the first artificial intelligence-based diagnostic device that can identify eye diseases by examining images of the retina. 2020 is a milestone for the widespread adoption of the benefits of AI and the growth of these technology service providers.

* Remote medical examination and treatment solutions.

Telemedicine is an effective solution to shorten the patient’s waiting time. In addition, this technology makes it easier for patients to access specialists, thereby improving diagnosis and treatment. Hospitals can reduce hospitalization rates by providing out-of-office patient follow-up services. Smart wearables allow remote patient health monitoring. Hospitals can consider the benefits of remote monitoring in their post-discharge monitoring plan this year.

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