The risk of hackers attacking new cars connected to the Internet.


Los Angeles-based consumer protection agency Consumer Watchdog has issued a warning about the risk of hackers attacking new cars that connect to the Internet.

Internet-connected cars are growing in popularity, but are becoming a target for hackers, which can kill thousands of people in the event of a large-scale cyber attack.


According to Consumer Watchdog, the current concern in the automotive technology sector is that critical vehicle safety systems are being connected to the Internet without proper security guarantees, as well as users having no way to to disconnect in the event of a large-scale attack. The report is based on a 5-month study with the help of more than 20 engineers and experts in the automotive industry, which indicates if a large-scale cyber attack occurs in the rush hour, about 3,000 people may die.


Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court said connecting a car’s vital safety system to the internet is dangerous. For example, if a user can control every device in a car from a smartphone, including starting the car, turning on the air conditioner, and navigating, anyone else can do this via the Internet. . As a result, Internet-connected cars need to be equipped with network shutdown devices, and any new design needs to separate critical safety systems from Internet-connected infotainment systems or networks. is different.


Currently, famous car manufacturers in the world have not commented on this information. However, according to Automotive Manufacturers Alliance spokeswoman Gloria Bergquist, Consumer Watchdog’s report overstated the risk ahead of a cybersecurity event in Las Vegas. She emphasized that cybersecurity is always a priority for every industry that uses computer systems, including the automotive industry. Automakers have adopted a variety of protections including designing from the ground up with security features in mind as well as adding cybersecurity measures to new or redesigned models.

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