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The secret to having a smart baby.


   When pregnant, everyone wants their child to be born talented. But not many people know that in order for the baby to get off to a good start, pregnant mothers should get the right care from the time the baby is still in the womb.

* Tell your child stories.

Even though your baby doesn’t understand it yet, reading stories can affect how your baby perceives your voice and in fact remembers it.

You should also know that the foundation of language is developed while the baby is in the womb and during the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby can hear and remember sounds.

Besides, it’s never too early to start sharing your favorite fairy tales with your little angel. Then pick up your favorite book and start reading!

* Daily exposure to the sun.

Vitamin D from sunlight is quite important for both you and your baby. Vitamin D is a key factor in helping your baby’s bones grow healthy.

As an expectant mother, your daily schedule should include about 20 minutes in the sun. Of course you also need to take care of your skin by using the right creams.

Some health professionals associate vitamin D deficiency with autism. So, protect your little angel away from this danger!

* Massage .

If you want to put more effort into giving your baby a strong skeleton, you should do it through massage.

At 20 weeks, your baby can feel caresses thanks to the development of the nervous system. Some studies show that unborn babies can even distinguish between a mother’s rub and a father’s rub.

Then what are you waiting for? Take some essential oil and massage your abdomen. Besides, the use of essential oils is also a very good way to avoid skin cracks and to relax.

* Rhythms for healthy brain.

With talking about how babies react to talking, you can do even better with music and rhythm.

When you sing, it helps your baby produce happy and joyful substances. If you don’t have a knack for singing, you can listen to music. These tunes will also be useful to soothe the baby later on.

* Diverse diet.

You should eat whatever you feel like eating except foods rich in mercury. Mercury is found in some fish such as tuna, swordfish, and shark, so try to avoid these foods.

However, fish rich in fatty acids like salmon will be very good for you. Please research carefully before eating.

Eating can be difficult at first when you have morning sickness, but after that you have to have a regular and healthy eating habit.

* Light exercise.

When you’re pregnant, listen and do what your body wants. You should not stress or worry too much fatigue during these 9 months. However, you also need to keep yourself active because both the baby and you need to be active.

Today’s electronic devices can help you measure the distance you walk each day and help you design a schedule for you to follow. Every day you should have healthy meals, exercise and get enough rest.

* No worry stress .

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t be stressed out whether at home or out. Put all your worries aside because your baby will feel exactly what you feel.

One suggestion is to meditate regularly or practice yoga as a way to relieve stress. However, if you’ve never done yoga before, don’t even think about starting. This principle should also be applied to all other activities. Starting some exercise after you’re pregnant puts unnecessary stress on your body – something you shouldn’t allow.

Perhaps that is quite enough. However, always learn more and consult your doctor before deciding on any method.

Every pregnancy is different, so what may be simple and comfortable for one person is not necessarily simple and comfortable for another. Take it slow and careful in all your plans and decisions and you and your baby will be fine.

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