The secret to strengthening resistance.


* A secret to strengthening body resistance that you may not know.

Resistance is likened to “armor” that protects the body from harmful substances such as: Bacteria, viruses, parasites … Reduced resistance is the cause of many diseases in the body. So how do you increase your body’s resistance? The following articles will help you answer this question!

* Danger due to weak resistance.

Resistance is considered a weapon that helps fight harmful agents from the outside. A weakened immune system makes the body more tired and increases the risk of infection. Especially when the weather changes suddenly. Many studies have also shown that weak resistance can easily lead to tuberculosis, whooping cough, polio, and cancer …

The main concern is that most people don’t care about this issue. They consider resistance to be an endless asset that doesn’t matter. Even many young people maintain the habit of reducing resistance without knowing it. For example, staying up late, eating too much, stopping activity … these are factors that increase the chances of a virus or illness invading. So how do you increase your body’s resistance?

* 5 secrets to strengthen your body’s resistance.

A well-functioning immune system helps the body stay healthy and fight illness. Here are five simple tips to help you strengthen your body’s resistance, you can refer to:

1. Always smile.

Did you know that a smile has a very positive effect on the immune system? A smile brings positive emotions that increase resistance. Laughter also vibrates the diaphragm, stimulating immune cells to function better. As a result, the lungs are supplied with more air. The brain begins to “fill” with oxygen and begins to produce anti-inflammatory substances to help the body fight the disease.

2. Get enough sleep and deep sleep.

Insomnia, not getting enough sleep reduces resistance. This means that the human body is infected with all kinds of illnesses. Therefore, try to get enough sleep every day (6-8 hours). If you have insomnia, try to maintain your normal bedtime and go to bed earlier than usual.

3. Exercise every day.

Many studies have shown that exercise is very beneficial to your health. It also helps boost the activity of the immune system. Exercise boosts metabolism, boosts blood circulation, and allows immune cells to function more efficiently. Therefore, you need to maintain a daily exercise habit.

4. Relieve stress.

Stress adversely affects human health and psychology. Long-term stress can cause dyslipidemia, hormonal disorders, causes of vasoconstriction, decreased resistance … There are many ways to relieve stress, such as positive thinking, meditation, yoga, and conversation. Every day … These simple tips will help you to get rid of stress effectively.

5. Get enough vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays a very important role in increasing resistance. According to doctors’ recommendations, adults need about 5 micrograms of vitamin D per day. You can supplement your body’s vitamin D by sunbathing, taking supplements, and eating vitamin D-rich foods such as fish, eggs, and milk …

Apply these 5 tips daily. In addition to strengthening resistance, many illnesses need to be prevented.

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