The syndrome of “exploding head” disease.


   People with “exploding head” syndrome do not even dare to sleep because they are so haunted that when they wake up, they will experience horrible noises, feeling their head is exploding by those noises.

The syndrome of “exploding head” when the name sounds scary, but actually does not cause severe pain, but creates a feeling of fear in the patient.

Exploding head syndrome (EHS) is not uncommon, it is a real and frightening disorder. People with EHS often hear loud noises while sleeping or just waking up. The noises that make your head feel like it’s going to “explode” can vary from a loud bang or a door slamming shut, to a gunshot or a roar or thunder.

However, the noise only appeared suddenly and lasted no more than a few seconds. Before hearing strange noises, some people also experience visual disturbances such as seeing very strong flashes of light similar to the feeling some people experience during migraine headaches (vestibular pain).

Dr Nicholas Silver, a neurologist at the Walton Neurological Center in Liverpool, UK, said: “Unlike migraines, the visual symptoms of EHS are often very brief.”

The “booming head” syndrome is best described with the case of Jill Lafferty (64 years old, living in Woodbury, New Jersey, USA. In November 2016, Lafferty nearly died due to a seizure.

About a year later, unusual things began to appear. While sleeping at night, she was startled awake to hear a loud explosion like gunfire near the house. Mrs. Lafferty panicked and immediately called the police.

According to Mrs. The bang was so loud. You wouldn’t imagine how loud it was, as if someone had put a gun to my head. and pulled the trigger.

But in reality, that explosion is not real. At first, the explosion appeared only a few times a week, then more often. Over the next several months, she heard the eerie sound more often. Every night, Mrs. Lafferty had to toss and turn for more than two hours before she could sleep.

After seeing a doctor, she was diagnosed with a rare condition called exploding head syndrome (EHS). The doctor explained, sufferers will hear hallucinatory sounds like gunfire, explosive bombs or lightning. It usually happens while sleeping or just waking up. Doctors warned that the disease could haunt her for the rest of her life because there is currently no cure.

* How to get rid of these nightmares?

To date, there have been few systematic studies of treatments for exploding head syndrome. Several small studies have shown promising results using pharmacological interventions such as tricyclic antidepressants clomipramine, flunarizine and nifedipine.

Long-term exploding head syndrome can lead to insomnia, heart palpitations, palpitations, panic disorder, and even depression.

Experts recommend that, when experiencing this condition, the best way is to see a doctor to monitor your sleep process, collect information about brain waves, heart rate, breathing rate as well as movements of limbs. sleep to find the most effective treatment.

In addition, the person should try to reduce stress levels. The encouragement and concern from relatives and friends around is also an effective pain reliever for people experiencing this syndrome.

In addition, patients need to actively deal with their lack of sleep if any, go for a walk, read a book or practice yoga to relax, reduce stress… and most importantly, say no to alcoholic beverages. .

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