The trio: FPT Software, FPT Telecom and FPT IS competed.


   FPT IS plans to make No. 6 with the product Centralized Notification Management System (Alert Central). The system allows an overview of services on the system. Alert Central has the feature of ticket notification by BOT and automatic call. As a result, 30% reduction in response time per ticket, saving 1,400 labor minutes/day, equivalent to 450 million VND in salary fund/year, saving 75% in cost/call equivalent to 300 million VND/ year.

FPT Telecom offers 2 products: Smart Timekeeping System and Gameshow “Do you want to date”. Smart Attendance System allows automatic attendance when employees move into the working area. Results are displayed right on the MyTINPNC app. Solution to digitize the entire process of timekeeping, monitoring and reconciliation of workdays for the Deployment – Maintenance department at the Northern and Southern Partner Management Center (TIN/PNC). Creativity helps improve labor productivity, contributing to reducing repetitive checklists. After more than a year of application, it has saved nearly 6.4 billion VND.

Gameshow “Do you want to date FPT Telecom version” is a meaningful playground, giving single employees the opportunity to exchange and approach new friends, opening up further relationships. The show held its first season with nearly 300 registrations from 12 telecom units. Of the 10 couples that were paired up on the air, 8 of them agreed to date. Gameshow attracted 20,000 views on Youtube channel.

Meanwhile, FPT Software brought up to 3 contest products. Automation Regression Test (ART – Automated Regression Test) is a service platform that helps automate manual operations on application platforms such as Web, Desktop app, API, Mobile… Operation and management system all information through simple web portal without writing code. From there, reduce or eliminate the constraints on technical resources. The platform is easily operated and centrally monitored, ensuring high consistency.

The Old Source Code scoping tool RabbitSearch is used to assist with scoping for a Java project. Users will not need to use the traditional Ctrl + H combination. This tool allows searching for multiple keywords at the same time; speed up search; Identify results right on the tool and export to a file, helping to increase productivity for impact investigation. As a result, management is easier to review and evaluate.

The 3rd initiative, Integration Test Generator From WSDL and XSD files (Integration Test Generator from WSDL and XSD files) is a tool to process WSDL and XSD files automatically generating integration test scripts for all all fields are linked. Thereby shortening the code initialization time for the test sequence from one day to only 15-30 minutes. The project has been implemented for a year and saved nearly 6 ManMonth (month of labor – working time of one person in a month).

After 5 issues, FPT Software is now firmly at the top of the iCaen 2021 ranking with 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze awards. FPT Telecom is in 2nd place with 3 Gold, 4 Silver, and 3 Bronze awards.

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