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The type of eating that helps reverse and cure diabetes.


     The UK’s leading health agency has just announced that a diet to help type 2 diabetes is no longer a chronic disease has completed the trial phase and is about to be officially applied to the first 5,000 patients.

According to the NHS plan, these first 5,000 patients will start being treated in April next year. The final step of a clinical trial led by New Castle University (UK) has demonstrated great success when 10 people thought to have chronic diabetes gradually restored their ability to control blood sugar. They also lost up to 15kg after 1 year of experiment.

Professor Roy Taylor, who led the study, asserts that we can now see type 2 diabetes as a simple problem, where an individual accumulates more fat than they can cope with. Through a consistent diet, they can lose fat and reverse the disease.

This dietary treatment requires the patient to consume only 800 calories per day, under the strict control of the doctor.

This type of eating is based on the triggering mechanism of type 2 diabetes: excess calories lead to fatty liver, causing the liver to produce too much glucose. Excess fat then can no longer safely reside under the skin, begins to move into the pancreas, where the cells can no longer successfully produce insulin, causing diabetes. However, the researchers found that with less than 1g of fat loss from the pancreas, insulin production could be restarted. Persevering in this diet, the patient can help the pancreas gradually return to normal function, and then recover completely!

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