Tips to use your car effectively to save money.


Before ‘giving up’ the car to the repair shop, try the following 10 tips to make the ‘raising’ of the car gentle, effective but both cost-effective and durable.

Owning a car for travel is not easy for many people, so cars are not only a means of transportation but also a great asset of many Vietnamese drivers.

However, in addition to spending a large amount of money to bring the car home, it is also necessary to take care, maintain and raise the car every day.

1. Self-repair dents on cars with boiling water.

When your car unfortunately encounters slight dents and dents on the body … instead of having to bring the car to the garage to fix, you can handle these dents and dents by using boiling water.

However, you should note that this tip only applies to plastic parts such as the front and rear bumpers.

First, pour boiling water over the dented part to expand the plastic, then put your hand behind the bumper and push them out.

If the dent is in a position that cannot be reached from the inside, do the following: when the pot of boiling water is empty, immediately pour ice water over the dent, the sudden change in temperature will cause the stain. concave back to normal.

2. Use tape to help remove small pieces of glass.

If your windshield is accidentally broken, make sure you clean up the tiny shards before they pose a danger to your children or family members.

In this case, the vacuum cleaner is not always effective, so it is best to use tape to remove the remaining glass fragments.

3. Use a dented tube in the form of a swim float to protect the car door.

If you’re not sure about a car parked in a cellar or a home with small children, use a dented swim ring to protect the car door from external influences. However, if your neighbor or child opens the door so hard that it scratches or dents the car, a new conversation can definitely solve this.

4. What to do if the front glass door is dimmed?
Surely many of us have had a headache when experiencing the phenomenon of the windshield being blurred after a long time of use.

Most will choose to replace the glass with a new one or leave it as is, but there is a trick that will completely solve this problem: shaving foam. First, apply shaving foam to the windshield and then use a dry towel to wipe everything clean.

5. Tips to remember which direction the car’s fuel tank is located.

If you’ve just bought a car, you’ll probably have a frantic time not knowing where the fuel tank should be when refueling.

Fortunately, manufacturers have thought of this problem, so they often put an arrow icon next to the speedometer. If you point the arrow next to the fuel tank here, your vehicle’s fuel tank will be in that direction.

6. How to oil the car if you don’t have a hopper?

If you need to pour a large amount of oil into your car without a funnel, immediately use the screwdriver in your car to replace it or roll the paper in the shape of a funnel and then use it.

7. The secret to easy lamp cleaning.

Over time, the lights on the car will become yellow because they are made of plastic. At this point, use toothpaste to address these yellow stains, ensuring they will be knocked away without effort.

8. Increase the operating range of the smart keychain.

In case you forget your parking space and can’t find it, this time you will definitely use the smart key to signal to find the car. However, if the vehicle is out of range, your smart key will not work either.

So how’s this? According to a member of the Reddit forum, if you want to increase the range of smart keychains, keep them close to your chin.

9. The vehicle is stuck in the mud, try the following trick.

If you are an off-road person who travels all year round by car, surely you have encountered many times when your car is muddled. If you have friends with them, they can help you push the car, but if you are alone, you will definitely have to give up and ask for help.

In fact, there is a much simpler way, which is to put a piece of wood on the rumpled wheel, then slowly press the gas to get out of the mud.

10. When to buy new tires?

Hot weather will cause the temperature to rise, which can easily cause tire pressure differences, so drivers should check the tires they are using for any potential harmful factors, such as tires that are too worn, Overinflated tires, uneven tire pressure between wheels, etc. to proceed with replacement.

The easiest way to check is to use a small coin:

Step 1: Take a coin and put it in the tread groove.
Step 2 Repeat this process for all tires and check the depth to which the coin travels in the tread grooves of each tire.

However, in the event that there is a significant difference in depth at the treads, it is an indication that your vehicle is corroding the rubber.

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