Trends shaping the tech industry in 2021.


   Third-generation semiconductor materials, quantum computing or human-machine communication through the brain will shape the world technology industry in 2021.

* Third generation semiconductor materials.

However, the applications for these materials are limited.

Experts believe that complicated processing methods, lack of technology … are the reasons why third-generation semiconductor materials have not been applied in life in recent times.

* Quantum computing will be popular.

At the end of 2019, Google announced it had achieved quantum supremacy. At the end of 2020, China also said it had achieved similar results. In 2021, scientists predict that the world will focus heavily on quantum computing.

Specifically, 2021 will be the year that quantum computer systems grow in popularity. The ultimate goal is to make quantum computing a mainstream technology that will accelerate research and solve humanity’s problems with incredible speed. For example, quantum computers have the potential to help scientists discover new ways to treat incurable diseases, or help car manufacturers develop electric batteries that can run for weeks or more. month.

* AI healthcare.

However, with increasingly superior power, AI will be applied to more complex medical processes, such as surgery, drug screening, automated medical examination and treatment, etc.

* Communication between human brain and computer.

Linking the human brain to a computer is not a new idea. But in 2021, the technology will be at its strongest ever.

Scientists predict new technology will allow the human brain to communicate directly with any mechanical device. The ultimate goal is to allow humans to transcend physical limitations, using machines as an extension of the body. One of the applications of this technology is to help unconscious or comatose patients communicate with others through robotic arms or translation devices.

* Cloud computing changes the information technology industry.

TIn 2021, experts believe that there will be a wave of businesses moving to cloud platforms, as these services are increasingly improved, with many new features, while the Internet speed is also much faster. much more than before. Bringing everything to the “cloud” also helps businesses save costs on servers and physical storage devices, while employees are also more proactive when working remotely.

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