VMware Security Vulnerability.

    The newly found VMware vulnerability can be exploited by network attackers, especially groups specializing in performing targeted attacks.

VMware products (a US-based provider of software, cloud computing services and virtualization services) are widely used in organizations and businesses.

Therefore, 19 newly found vulnerabilities can be exploited by cyber attackers, especially groups specializing in performing targeted attacks.

Specifically, on September 21, VMware software company announced 19 security vulnerabilities affecting VMware vCenter Server’s suite of solutions for managing virtual machines and servers at versions 7.0/6.7/6.5 and platforms. unified for the VMware vCcloud Foundation cloud environment version 4.3.1/

Among these, the vulnerability (CVE-2021-22005) has a serious impact, allowing hackers to attack without credentials and can execute arbitrary malicious code.

In addition to high-impact security vulnerabilities that allow attackers to exploit in various forms such as information gathering, escalation attacks, and denial of service attacks, there are also 7 security vulnerabilities. Secrets (CVE-2021-22006, CVE-2021-22011, CVE-2021-22012, CVE-2021-22013, CVE-2021-22016, CVE-2021-22017, CVE-2021-22018) can be disclosed by hackers mining without authentication.

In order to ensure information security for the system, the Department of Information Security, the Ministry of Information and Communications suggested that state agencies and enterprises need to check, review and verify information systems that are likely to be hacked. affected by the above vulnerability to have a plan to handle and overcome; perform patch updates that match the version of VMware product in use.

At the same time, information technology units strengthen monitoring and ready to deal with any signs of being exploited or hacked; regularly monitor warnings of authorities and large organizations on information security to promptly detect cyberattack risks.

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