What is Cache Hit ratio?


   Cache hit ratio provides the user with the most accurate information about the number of files received from the CDN without any request to the origin server.

* What is the Cache Hit ratio?

Cache hit ratio is not only an metric used to measure CDN performance for any type of cache, but also an extremely important criterion for CDN technology. Most of the Cache hit ratio will be provided to customers by CDNs right in their user interface or dashboard.

Every CDN content delivery network will have a Cache hit ratio, the performance of a high Cache hit ratio indicates a high performance CDN.

* Formula to calculate cache hit ratio .

Cache hit ratio is the result calculated from the division between the number of cache hits (the number of requests for content that the cache successfully made) with the total number of cache hits and the number of cache misses (the number of requests that cache received).

The formula for calculating Cache hit ratio is as follows:

Cache hit ratio = (Number of cache hits) / (Number of cache misses+number of cache hits)

Example: If in the same time period, a CDN has 400 cache hits and 50 cache misses then:

Cache hit ratio = 400/ (50+400) = 0.8 or 80%

* Effect of Cache Hit ratio on CDN performance.

Many people often think that Cache hit ratio has a big impact on CDN performance, but in reality, a website with a lot of dynamic content will have a much lower Cache hit ratio than typical websites. Websites made up of static content can more easily achieve a Cache hit ratio in the 95 to 99% range.

However, the ultimate goal of a CDN is not to achieve as high a Cache hit ratio as possible, and this metric is not the ultimate when it comes to CDN performance. In addition, there are many other important factors that help evaluate the effectiveness of a CDN. Ideally, to optimize CDN performance effectively is to deliver the content from the CDN server to the users within the nearest geographical area.

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While there are many metrics that help measure a CDN’s performance in improving web speed, the Cache hit ratio is seen as an important part of the CDN’s mission, helping to make web properties more reliable and faster. so many, so much.

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