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What to do to avoid liver damage while staying up at night?


    There are many causes of liver damage, such as irregular diet or rest, but most notably, it is often advised to stay up at night. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize staying up at night. There are many workers who have to work overtime at night; Many students also have a habit of staying up at night, which over time will not only affect sleep, but also damage internal organs, especially the liver.

The liver is the most important organ responsible for detoxifying the body, if you often stay up at night, it will make the liver work too hard and can lead to many diseases. If the frequency of staying up at night is increased, it will not ensure enough sleep, the body will be tired and reduce resistance, and it will also affect the liver’s ability to self-heal during the day. For people with viral hepatitis, the condition will be even more dangerous.

Normally, during the day, the liver will carry out detoxification on the food we put into the body, then excrete it out through the bile or urine. And at night is the liver’s detoxification time, so if you don’t sleep enough at night, it will cause many serious problems for a long time.

According to Oriental Medicine, the time from 11pm to about 2am is the liver’s detoxification time, and usually this detoxification process will take place during sleep. If you stay up all night, the liver will not be able to carry out the detoxification process, as a result, the blood is not purified, so it will also damage the recovery process of liver cells, thereby causing damage to the liver. serious damage to the body. Over time, not only will you experience dry skin, fatigue, irritability, dry mouth, sore throat, or irritability, but the function of your liver will also be compromised, and the accumulation of toxins in your blood will greatly increase.

So if in the inevitable situation of staying up at night, what should be done to promote metabolism and excrete waste to the body, thereby minimizing the harmful effects of toxins on the liver? The answer is to drink lots of water. Especially every morning when you wake up, drinking a glass of water can reduce toxins, and help your skin and mood to be more rosy. You can add some ingredients to the water to drink every morning to increase the effect of supporting the liver in detoxification.

1. Jujube

Drinking jujube juice every day can supplement the function of the liver, promote the detoxification process of the liver effectively. Oriental medicine also confirms that jujube juice has the ability to effectively nourish the blood and detoxify the liver. When you soak jujubes in warm water, the apples will expand and this helps the liver absorb more beneficial vitamins.

2. Lemon

Lemon is the best fruit for detoxification, beauty and skin whitening. Drinking lemon water in the morning is the best time to support the liver. The citric acid in lemons promotes the production of bile, which is used to excrete toxins and reduce the burden on the liver. In addition, drinking lemon water regularly also helps hepatitis patients control excess bile in the body and dissolve gallstones effectively.

3. Honeysuckle flower

Honeysuckle flower has a bitter taste but is very good for the liver, has the effect of activating meridians, clearing heat, detoxifying, antiseptic, reducing sweat, anti-constipation, antibacterial, anti-toxic and also has beauty effects, Effective slimming. People who regularly drink alcohol will cause great damage to the liver, so to limit the harm, drink more honeysuckle perfume to better support the liver.

4. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum flowers soaked in water to drink, have a slightly bitter taste but have great effects in detoxifying, cooling the liver and enhancing eyesight. Chamomile contains small amounts of selenium, an essential nutrient for liver repair.

5. Roses

Rose tea has a sweet aroma, a pleasant mild bitter taste. Those who are often under pressure, stress and anger, when drinking rose tea can reduce fatigue, calm the nerves and especially nourish the liver.

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