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Which food is good for my blood type?


      Each blood type has different body characteristics, so the eating habits are also somewhat different. Here are the experts’ advice for each blood type.

Did you know that each blood type is associated with the ability to consume certain foods, so determining the blood type and adding the right foods will help your body be healthier, better quality of life. live better. This approach was popularized by Professor Dr. Peter J. D’Adami of the University of California.

* Blood type A .

Research shows that people with blood type A have low levels of stomach acid and are able to digest animal proteins and fats well. That’s why experts suggest that a vegetarian diet is suitable for people with this blood type, with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It is important that these foods are clean and free of any additives or chemicals.

*B blood group.

People with this blood type are said to have the ability to eat a variety of different foods. However, you should also be aware that foods such as corn, wheat, tomatoes and peanuts can cause people with blood type B to gain weight, fatigue and lower blood sugar. Some foods that need to be restricted are chicken, even if it’s lean meat, it also increases the risk of stroke or immune disorder. Instead, you should replace chicken with meats such as lamb, goat, etc.

* Blood group AB .

Blood type AB is the rarest blood type because it is inherited from a mixture of blood types A and B. People with this blood type have low blood acidity like group A and are just as sensitive and poorly adapted to chicken as group A. blood B. Good foods for this blood group are seafood, eggs, green vegetables… they should eat often because it’s good for their health and digestive tract.

* Blood type O .

This is the blood type of people with high stomach acidity, good ability to consume animal proteins and fats. That’s why a high-protein diet with a variety of meats, fish, vegetables, and fruit is perfect for people with blood type O. Carbs like whole grains and legumes should be avoided as they can be easily digested. easily stored in the body, not good for health.

In fact, these are useful tips for you to better understand your body and divide your diet accordingly. In fact, a study conducted in 2014 showed that people who adhere to a scientific diet according to all 4 groups above, exercise … can improve their health.

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