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Wrong sleeping habits in winter are harmful to health.


    Night sleep is very important to health, so you need to immediately avoid the following wrong sleeping habits.

In the cold weather of winter, people often become lazy, forming many bad habits, especially when sleeping. Therefore, find out immediately the wrong sleeping habits in the winter and correct them now so as not to affect your health!

* Sleep in a closed room.

However, due to the cold weather of winter, many people often have the habit of keeping the door closed. This will prevent the air in the room from circulating normally, reducing the amount of oxygen in the brain and affecting your sleep.

* Lie on a mattress that is too hard or too soft.

Sleep time per night is from 7-8 hours, so don’t ignore choosing good mattresses so as not to affect sleep. Because if the mattress is too soft, your body will tend to sink when lying on it. At this time, the area between the spine is sagged, the back becomes curved, and the nerves between the skeleton will be more tense than usual, leading to low back pain.

In addition, too hard mattress will not create comfort when you sleep, it puts pressure on some points such as shoulders, hips and makes it difficult for the spine to keep the natural curves when sleeping, causing pain and fatigue. back. Therefore, you should choose to buy a mattress with moderate firmness to support the spine and other parts of the body but still create comfort when lying on.

* Cover your head with a blanket.

This is the wrong sleeping habit that many people often make. When covering the head with a blanket, the organs are not supplied with enough oxygen, so they will work less, causing shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches, trouble sleeping, drowsiness when waking up, even memory loss.

* Sleepover .

Many young people often have a habit of sleeping in the morning, especially in winter. However, a few studies have found a link between excessive sleep habits and an increased risk of diabetes or heart disease.

* Wear thick clothes when sleeping.

Because the winter weather is quite cold at night, many people will wear warm clothes and go to bed. However, this prevents sweat from escaping and also seeps back into the skin, so your sleep will not be good. In addition, wearing thick clothes when sleeping will cause discomfort, affecting sleeping positions. Therefore, it is best to choose a suit of moderate thickness with airy material to create the most comfortable feeling when sleeping.

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